Why Canada is Hiding the Best Underwear Secret in the World

Malebasics Proves Quality Can Be Affordable for Everyone


Montreal Canada


Montreal is wildly considered the fashion capital of Canada- and for good reason. When people visit from far and wide, they’re unfailingly impressed by how the locals endure cold winters with fashionable layering and one of a kind coats and boots. Then they’re even more impressed in the sizzling summer when they see how Montrealers take it all off and delight in the Montreal heat.


A look inside the Montreal store
A look inside the Montreal store


With such great opportunities to expose new and practical trends, it was only natural for Raul Valencia, CEO of Malebasics, to open the first flagship store of the brand in Montreal. But one would say, why open a store in such an unstable economy? Because Malebasics is one of the best brands of underwear for men around.


History in the Making
In just over a decade, Malebasics has provided the kind of quality undergarments that men these days are looking for. As time and the attitude toward men’s fashion above and below the belt has steadily changed, Malebasics Underwear has paid close attention, carving out a history and work ethic dedicated to creating products that real men prefer.


The Old Cars Hipster trunk, a favorite of Malebasics customers
The Old Cars Hipster trunk, a favorite of Malebasics customers


Whether it’s a classic piece of everyday wear or underwear to squat comfortably at the gym, Malebasics has featured products that can rival the biggest brands out there. But what is their recipe?


Peru Pima Cotton


Peruvian Pima Cotton
Great garments start with even greater fabrics. Malebasics understood that the second it started to create underwear. That’s why the brand only use Peruvian Pima cotton for its classic undies. Peruvian Pima cotton is prized all around the world as a luxury fiber and is called 'gamuza' by the Peruvians, meaning suede in Spanish because of its silky soft feel and brilliant luster. The silky soft feel is a result of the excellent growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru where it is cultivated.


The best waistband on the market


Waistband That Won't Bunch Up
What’s more annoying that taking your favorite pair of undies out of the dryer only to find out that the waistband is all twisted? That’s because most waistband are made entirely of Lycra (spandex). While Lycra is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity, it will warm up in the dryer (it’s basically rubber) and cause your waistbands to bunch up. Malebasics has prevent this problem by using a mix of microfibers and lycra. The result? Comfy waistbands that will last you for years.


Underwear to last the most intense workouts


Underwear for Every Lifestyle
From briefs to boxer briefs and trunks or jockstraps, Malebasics offers styles for every men. Always on the forefront of trends, the brand also features new designs, vivid colours, cool patterns and dayviews new collections every year. Malebasics also offers performance underwear that is both ideal for the gym and team sports, supporting what’s important when moving and keeping you always cool.

Prices Everyone Can Afford
Even with the coolest characteristics around, Malebasics has maintain a range of prices that makes it extremely competitive. Because the brand owns their factory in Colombia, where labor laws are extremely fair for workers, it can launch new products and stay on top of the undies game at prices that won’t break your bank.




Even More Cool Things
Malebasics is not only your go-to brand for underwear. The brand also launched a new line of swimtrunks called Oceanico. Made of quality polyester, the swimwear is made to last your intense volleyball sessions by the beach and dries super quickly.


Are you a man looking for the next best pair of undies that will last you for years? Is your boyfriend wearing the same worn out undies with hole because he claims they are so comfortable? Look no more. Whether you live in Montreal or shop online, Malebasics has got you covered with the best, because it’s the best.


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